Queen Elisabetta II


the desert will bloom:

the desert will bloom: a field will flourish: hallelujah. courage, fear not: the Lord Jesus Christ will come and save you! Alleluia. There is NOT a game that Satan can do against me, because I was programmed to win!

@ Rothschld - your crimes: and that: of all crimes of your dynasty? is too big! do not let the kindness of the Lord come back back, like anger and justice, because you and all your? you will be crushed! How, you worked for Marduck and its esoteric agenda? Now, you worked for me and for the agenda of YHWH!
@ Rothschld -your empire could continue: if he had remained hidden! but we and the Holy Spirit we decided that it must end. Do not be stubborn because I know will be your doom, and that of your entire family: the Zionist Illuminati: the synagogue of Satan, ecc..! Satan fagot: has failed too many times, about, his attempt to take over the world! God has concerning to him, between, 300 years, for the last 8 years, the history of mankind. STOP! seigniorage banking! However, many times Israel has been able to return from his God. came back then, because YHWH wants to do to you and yours: all the good!
@ronpaul -- about Alex Jones and His "Global bank conspiracy"? but, I are been angry: against him: a lot! why did the inscription: the channel of a Satanist: is how to promote his videos .. I understand that a politician must accept the friendship of all! But this infection of Satanism: along with the bank seigniorage of enlightened? These threats are the things most disastrously for every nation!
about Alex Jones: and his: "Global bank conspiracy"? ma, io mi sono arrabbiato contro di lui: molto! perché, ha fatto la iscrizione: al canale di un satanista: come a promuovere, i suoi video.. io capisco, che, un politico deve accettare la amicizia di tutti! Ma, questa infezione del satanismo: insieme al signoraggio bancario degli enlightened? Queste sono le minacce più disastrose per ogni nazione!
ForLiberty888 SAID: David, Is that your Jewish name that drives you mad?Pretending to be a historian is fine. But why not to mention US starving 1.5M German POWs AFTER the war? Or that USA took Nazi gold from Swiss banks in 1950s under the pretext to distribute it to Nazi victims and still keeps it in Fort Knox... I see, only half truth suits YOUR agenda. What a pathetic joke! -- ANSWER--- NO! MY AGENDA IS ONLY Universal brothehood: for destroy the Masonic banking seigniorage of IFM-NWO. ie 666Rothschild and 322Bush!
Ron Paul - " is the One Who Can Beat Obama"
I will do my campaign for him: this is my channel: "allxRonPaul"
However, my political program: it is to break down, the satanic: banking seigniorage! and give the money without interest to all states: and this is why I am Unius Rei
@rottendx --- Hey, Thomas mistafied "throws the mask!"
thou art fallen lucifero! thou art fallen satana! great is thy desolation Baal Marduck! Lucifer, you were an angel of light, now you're in the midst of droppings. great is your: destruction! without remedy your trouble! for the wrath of God? There is not a solution for you!
@ Israel @ -- does not matter if the fight: is hard, and I am wounded, but, the beautiful girl of Israel, when I liberated her, from the Zionists and Satanists? she will take care of all my wounds, with all her caresses and all her kisses.
@GRIMSREVENGE253 -- You then put: WINDOWS in the toilet, and you can go to "Sabayon": Linux: Ubuntu, etc. .. in this way, that you'll be a Satanist, more efficient! Your computer is full of shit: worms, Trojans and viruses: they are all indicators: of the: the CIA and your NWO: seigniorafe of banking, of Rothschild! google? he has no time to lose, with a depressed, schizophrenic as you do that in a little, you will see the ghosts: for to be a Satanist, who can not forgive his father that he gave his life to you! while to yourself who gave their lives? You're just a parasite!
FUCK Rothschid: fuck esoteric agenda: fuck NWO: fuck seigniorage banking: fuck satanists: fuck masons: fuch sharia and zionist: in Jesus's name! amen hallelujah
The mistafield @ YOUTUBE - your Illuminati in "The Georgia Guidestones Commercial" did not write, you will survive: 500 million people: at the 3 rd WWnuclear? No! but is that: is to bring to that number, in a stable manner, the whole human race. [["Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000"]]. The project is to eliminate all forms of life on the planet .. for later re-colonize the planet. but you're not sure, of not to become a larder of fresh meat: available for aliens: when you're in that kind of underground: ie, Noah's Ark of Satan! you will to see: finally: when is happy the your kingdom of Satan!


♰ UniusRei I am, my political jurisdiction is universal and rational ♰: ♰ ♰ The decree, That, from September, 2011, will start: all the premature deaths: in the name of Jesus: ♰: "Drink your poisons made by yourself "your life? Is not your! ♰: your life is from God: that is YHWH, Allah, etc. .. HE is: 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and love! About religions Stop Violence, Stop: banking seigniorage; stop masonry. Stop: Sharia Zionism racism, enlightened, etc.: In Addition to: all the misfortunes, and all the oppressions, That, macaws Been, Already Been decreed, Against all my enemies! They will not stop: and all this will be again: again and always: will be until, unius Rei: Will not Be Recognized: by Governments: throughout the world. The Illuminati will be: comforted by the fact, That have Contributed: so generously: at the problem: of overpopulation: why: That I see, Those guys are too worried about this.


@ mistafied187 ->

@ Mistafied187 -> If Rothschild did not intend: to do, even: in the Jewish Temple: what the enlightened: to go to do at the: Bohemian Grove? that is of make of human sacrifice for satan: ie, for the god Marduk .. then: Rothschilds would not put: his star esoteric: sum blasphemy: on the flag of Israel. These Satanists are building: for Satan and for the Antichrist: The 3°:Jewish Temple: because:Jewish Temple can not arise: in the Masonic scheme: of the banking seigniorage: that is satanism of IMF-NWO, the greatest: crime Hebrew: of the story, of all time ..

@Mistafied187 -> because the Jews, they do not talk to me of seigniorage banking? You see? I am committed to make you die tonight, because you are not an immortal like me! But, rich Jews, are very satanists and racist too: perpetrators and accomplices,for not to speak with someone, about of banking seigniorage. How old is that, the queen priestess: Jezebel (Elizabeth II, for us) it took to make, of all Jews to become satanists: worshipers of Baal? Well .. well .. But, however, the Illuminati have had more:of 700 years, if Dante Alighieri: a real saint Catholic: is fail for warned all mankind, of the danger that represented: the jew banker. Well .. well .. but: since the Satanism? has no way out: unless you make a killing of all their! as Eliah prophet has done

what can do: all your ex-Presidents: at the: Bohemian Grove. If you've seen the Cremation of Care, but, who is? what is the Ritual at the Bohemian Grove? you tonight: do you become your wife a widow, and your children orphans: but thou will die: as eroe: for a country fake, or Nation fake, that Freemasons have betrayed, in fact, is existed only an democracy fake: that is an invention of the enlightened: and so: The Constitution has been betrayed, by his principle of born, this means: 3°WWnuclear: for be guilty: all Freemasons. Indeed, all the peoples have become slaves of banking seigniorage


Baal, or Marduk

Yamisrael SAID: I'm not intrested talking with nobody that thinks that the Talmud is satanic and the star of David is amico, sorry. Sorry, not intresting talking with an Anti semite. from expirience there's no use doing so. -- ANSWER-> YOU are a person corrupt: to give to me: your king: a few thoughts inconvenient! Then it was the Torah, that would have prevented to David to have its own symbol, as Wikipedia said that this symbol of the six-pointed star, dating back to than 100 years ago: to be another evil of Rothschild against Israel: Because Rothschild did not want Israel for love, but for to destroy for through of him, the whole human race: and so finally: annihilate all Jews: of which he and his ancestors were the real curse of the world, because there is no love or patriotism: in Satanists of seigniorage banking, and their god Owl: of the satanism of Bohemian Grove, that is just: Baal, or Marduk


is more convenient @Illuminati, @666Rothschild, @ 322Bush, @Queen ElisabettaII ->

@ IslamIsForNiggers -> go fool! You've done more damage to Satanism: of all Satanists put together:
You have shown: that: Satanists do have interest in spreading of hatred and wars in the world ... I've shown this before, but this time it was so!
IslamIsForNiggers (11 minutes ago) Remove | Block User | Spam
Islam will convert to take: over the world ISLAM, or burn in hell you PUNK ASS BITCH - ----ANSWER-> I know very well, the current Satanism that is in Islam: that is, the murderous Sharia ", which has converted the Islam : in an ideology, for to conquer the world, but if Islam does not become "fast":"fast":"fast": a wonderful, blessed and beneficent and tolerant religion only? Then, you'll be Satan, to laughing into the abyss of hell: for all people, that you see, you get: in mode fast for this 3°WWnuclear, and for this hatred, contempt, injustice, violence and hatred in the world today!

HellxDesPairTruction (1 ora fa) Rimuovi | Spam
IslamIsForNiggers (9 minuti fa) Spam SAID:
@IslamIsForNiggers -> No! satan! No! I believe that, only you go to hell: infact: the whole human race has decided to follow me in the Paradise! This, in fact, is what was prophesied: my kingdom of universal brotherhood and of the Jewish Temple! You will burn, only, in your own hatred. you fry!
because the Bible says that "can not find mercy, who curses his mother!" misebile you are, the most misebile among men! This is a pitiful figure of Satan misebile and all Satanists misebile!

IslamIsForNiggers (14 minutes ago) Spam SAID HAIL SATAN 666 --ANSWER-> I am against you: in the name of Jesus: I have seen your blood flow: on the asphalt of a road: Amen, hallelujah! pax: drink your poison made ​​by yourself! I bind you: infernal beast: through the blood of Jesus blessed the foot of the Cross: of the infinite love for us: By God, that he is dead for us: for all: our sins, to save, all of us . I bind you: beast, until the terrible day in hell of destruction: for the Last Judgement: Begone Satan, in Jesus's name: Amen Hallelujah,

@SKYSPLASH --> shalom + salaam = blessings too.. perhaps we have a duty to follow the paths of death and all errors, of those who came before us? Or we can leave the controversy, the feedback on the past, disputes about, to people who already have suffered the condemnation of hell God or heaven, for be us, those who look, positively, to a solution beneficial and blessed: for all people: Why, was accursed, the capitalist owner, from the Bible, in fact, everything is God, as the property: it is not an absolute right. If we open: ourselves, at the concept that: the world: is of every man is, then: we not will: to authorize: Rothschild and: Company SpA: 322Bush, to make the predation of the entire human race.

@IslamIsForNiggers -->you are Satan, you have not been invited, in this discussion. Go away: begone satana: in Jesus's name! You are here only to spread hate, because you are the bane of mankind! Your objective is violence, because, what, that you want to achieve: it is the resentment, anger and hatred, because: You want against the love for spread hatred! He, the Holy Spirit: rebukes you Satan.. amen alleluia hallelujah
tu satana, tu non sei stato invitato, in questa discussione. Vattene: in Jesus's name! Tu sei quì, soltanto, per diffondere l'odio, poiché, tu sei la rovina del genere umano! La tua finalità è la violenza, poiché, quello, che, tu vuoi realizzare: è il risentimento, la rabbia e l'odio, poiché: tu vuoi che sia l'odio a vincere sull'amore! Rimprovera te satana: lo spirito Santo!

@ Salaam Shalom & WarriorIslamic: Yamisrael -> but, God has not raised my ministry popolitico universal: of:Mahdi, Messiah, King of Israel and Palestine, the King of all the world: how Unius Rei: if all you, will not be, in immediate danger of death through: WW nuclear 3 °, so my goal? is not to: how to insult people: 666Rothschild, 322Bush: The Jezebel II or Elizabeth II, all Freemasons and Satanists, as the criminals of the Talmud and Sharia, etc. .. Because a good and just man, like me: he does not know a criticism, only, in mode destructive, but, has clear ideas on how to build a solid hope for all. Since God is for everyone, for having given to all, with infinite love, life, and so, I also has a man in whom is no shadow of selfishness, injustice or partisanship. But if you do not submit to me? all perish in the your sins!

@Salaam: WarriorIslamic & Shalom: Yamisrael --> it is also true, that if I had to live: for 50 years, below the stated threat of having the genocide? I would be: an mad unbalanced total! But Israel is not, that, we see on television: the masters Jews of all monopolies: that they through their banking seigniorage: they have stolen, every strategic resource: the whole human race: for to make of all human race one only flock of slaves! But, if a jew wants to become a Christian? his fate? is not very different from a Muslim who wants to become a Christian! In fact, in both cases: he is regarded as: a traitor to his country: but in reality is just a wonderful person, who wants do worship to God in the best way.

WarriorIslamic said: YOU COME TO "WHO IS ALLAH" bY skysplash and lets debate there real good with many Muslims -- ANSWER->you or "skysplash," you're not man enough, to have the courage to come to me: or, before, to all world: on the page of youtube / youtube for having the courage to talk to me? I know that the six-pointed star, which is on the flag of Israel is the star of the satanic Rothschild only! I know that the Sharia is as communism, and the Talmud is as the Nazis: they are two systems of annihilation of the right of the person, that's why, Satanists Americans were able to take control of the world through the IMF -New World Order. because there can be no real Government, if there are secret societies: of rich: that: they have taken control

@ Yamisrael -> is OBVIOUS, you are better,of: "warriorIslamic" In fact, you have risked talking to me, but him has not had the courage, for have muslims their hands stained with the blood of many Christians innocent (300 Christians killed every day because of the satanic sharia). But, in the Arab-Israeli conflict: There are reasons and faults on both sides. But, I am a practical man. I do not look to the past, but, on the future of a possible peaceful coexistence among all people: that's why I believe that only the kingdom or monarchy of UniusRei: ie: (give all to all): can make Jews and Palestinians, equal before the law. It may be the solution but also for any other conflict in the world. But, while it remains the predation of the enlightened Jews: ie banking seigniorage, the lives of all us, remain in serious and immediate danger of death

@ zxcvbnm0987654321 -> that pig of youtube has deleted my video, that it documented: of the kidnapping, that Muslims are against: of Christian girls: to force, under torture, to marry a Muslim to destroy the religious minorities, where there was nothing bad to see. .. while all these prostitutes? go well for him

computer is only an instrument, Is that the problem 666Rothschild, 322Busk, Queen Elizabeth II, have the control: In The Name Of Satan. Every lie is a threat to mankind, I have not met liars in the Kingdom of God, all liars will burn in the fire. I know this story, I've already seen once. Noah's ark before costruisse, it is God who has control in fact the intelligent? know to stop in time! but stupid? go ahead and die! I can go! I go! really? I do not need to spam, like you, i am the Metaphysical. you are, timing, compartment. temporal, mortal
Oh no, I are not like you

@ MetalReigns2 -> coward: you did: against me, of the unsubstantiated claims! you have moved of the charges by you, without arguing or demonstration. but, without proof? your lies? become insults and slander! If your liver can withstand a public contest, before all the world? You can always challenge me on the page of youtube / youtube, so everyone can judge if your reasons have a foundation!

@enlightened, all Governments -> In Jesus's name: I have taken spiritually and culturally: the control of youtube, Why, all my enemy: have lost the hope of being able to contend against me: publicly: on this page. On the supernatural plane, I has trampled all demons of hell, and I have humiliated all Satanists youtube. On a cultural level, I am the metaphysics of natural law that is, universal brotherhood, that is: the only successful cultural project: for to build, with absolute dignity: the Jewish Temple: and open a new "era" of peace and prosperity for all mankind. Your every further delay? will be interpreted, of the my universal kingship and my universal sovereignty: as a hostile act! Now, from the political point of view, there are no obstacles for realizable the Kingdom of Unius Rei, as long as someone does not believe that, for him, the experience of the 3 rd WWnuclear, is more convenient
@Illuminati, @666Rothschild, @ 322Bush, @Queen ElisabettaII -> [INTRODUCTION]: God NOT has given me the mandate, to insult you, more than that, which is closely INDISPENZABILE! I am not an executioner, an avenger or a revolutionary, indeed, I am the consolidation of the legally constituted powers: about, what, the Constitution says: Therefore, I must destroy the system of occult power, which the bankING seigniorage created, ie, all the secret societies, because you and all mankind, can avoid the 3 rd WWnuclear. My goal is to take the lives of everyone, from the domination of Satan, to put everyone under the rule of God, that, for an atheist is THE equivalent to the concept of reasonableness and constitutional legality. ie, the natural law: that the Creator has put in every creature, and IN all positive religions: IE, Metaphysics humanistic personalistIc. There is NOT: a FIGHT against political or religious or ideological systems



Commento al tuo video: 9 Christian Martyrs persecution Open Doors World Watch List 2010

moges720 SAID: Christianity is not a monopoly name for the evangelists. Just because you are not allowed in some country does not mean they hate Christianity. Look at the work of religious groups in countries like Angola; Ethiopia, Kenya , Evangelists have been in these countries in the name of uplifting the lives of the poor for the last 30 years and you see no change in the lives of these villagers in fact it has worsened, so what is the point of sustaining poverty in the name of Jesus??, --ANSWER-> What you said? is shit, that is so: shit, that your stench: will remain in youtube around for the next 100 years! What you said is the destruction of any notion of civilization! Indeed, this is the true face of your Satan, for you are a true Satanist evil!

La community di YouTube ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. Quando un video viene segnalato, viene esaminato dal team di YouTube in base alle nostre Norme della community. Dall'esame è emerso che i seguenti video presentano contenuti che violano le presenti norme, pertanto sono stati disattivati: 1 Coptic Christian girl being sexually abused by muslims: attitude criminal of Sharia - (allChristianMartyrs)

Data ricezione: 18/ago/2011 | Data di convalida: 19/ago/2011 | Appealed
IN appello È DETTO: "stronzo e complice di assassini"

allChristianMartyrs (1 secondo fa) on youtube page
This ugly history, that is, to kidnap, rape and raping Christian girls by Muslims, to destroy Christianity? Must end! but, my video of:

"" 1 Coptic Christian girl being sexually abused by muslims: attitude criminal of Sharia ""

was perfect for the introductory comments, no scenes of violence or nudity, because everything was banned: very bad definition with a video that painful! The innocent blood of Christian martyrs? is also on your hands for be you, a consistent patron of Satanists!

@ youtube SAID: "refused (inappropriate content)"-answer-> for consistency? Now you must remove all the your whores, that you have here: IMMEDIATELY! You are a coward: you have been afraid of your shareholders Muslims. but working in this way? without an objective morality? this is very unfair: for what would be the last bulwark of democracy before the police state: that it was decided to suppress the people and every constitutional right as it was already done with the bank seigniorage that was stolen from the Jew 666Rothschild and 322ConpanyBush
! ! rebukes you, Holy Spirit! !

Freemasons perverts racistetc

dopo il caso delle MISTRAL, chiunque compra armi dalla Francia è un traditore, e nel caso della INDIA? in questo caso lei è doppiamente un traditore! India: stallo per acquisto jet Rafale, Intesa era stata annunciata da premier Modi quattro mesi fa.

questa è tutta una truffa: USA Saudita! se facessero lavorare seriamente: 12 droni, tutto il giorno, e tutta la notte? sparirebbe il califfato in Iraq e Siria in un mese! ] NEW YORK, 12 Agosto. I caccia F-16 americani hanno effettuato le prime missioni dalla Turchia contro l'Isis. Lo afferma il Pentagono senza fornire dettagli, se non il fatto che sono stati colpiti un numero non specificato di obiettivi in Siria.

Obama tu sei un bastardo! che sei tu a proteggere ISIS sharia? proprio, è il tuo alleato Iran che lo ha detto: "i loro pick up, vanno avanti ed indietro e nessuno li spara!" ha detto l'IRAN. tu Erdogan, LEGA ARABA a guida Saudita, voi siete un crimine assoluto contro tutto il genere umano!
Obama GENDER tu sei la bestia di satana ] ISIS sharia ha fatto il genocidio, voi avete fatto le riprese con i satelliti, ed i droni, e poi, voi siete andati a ridere con Erdogan sharia, in Arabia Saudita sharia

al mio Sommo SACERDOTE Ebreo, nel mio Tempio Ebraico ] io non sono contrario alla pornografia in senso assoluto ] anzi [ un anno fa circa, io una volta ogni 4 mesi, mi vedevo tutta la pornografia, che, io mi volevo vedere: sia per tutte le buone intenzioni, sia per tutte le cattive intenzioni, che si possono immaginare ] ma, i farisei Illuminati Rothschild, attraverso i loro sacerdoti di satana, mi hanno minacciato di morte, perché, loro non potevano mai pensare, che per un lussurioso come me, lui poteva diventare un ex-lussurioso in modo immediato! ma, questa è la verità, ci sono ancora troppe persone nel pianeta terra che vivono di fede, e che sanno come vivere di fede, perché satanisti massoni farisei ed islamici, loro possano impunemente mostrare il loro satanismo, ulteriormente!
gay gender ideologia Sodoma a tutti ] io non posso sapere se siete stati voi, oppure se c'è qualcuno nel Nwo, che vi vuole fare del male! ... certo, questa frase ha fatto scattare il blocco della mia tastiera ripetutamente [ my JHWH ] e questo è vero: 1. gay non hanno figli di cui poter avere pietà; ] [ non solo ] ci sono due articoli scritti ieri che non riesco a trovare, in cui io dico che coloro che sanno del signoraggio bancario hanno deciso di essere assassini, usurai e satanisti e che lo Stato è diventato una mafia legalizzata.. QUESTI ULTIMI MIEI ARTICOLI? IO NON LI RIESCO Più A TROVARE!
i valori dei gay, dovrebbero essere naturalmente tutti, contro il sistema del signoraggio bancario ed anche se è una eccezione ci sono gay poveri! ] ma, le lobby GENDER IDEOLOGIA saranno i primi a finire davanti ad un plotone di esecuzione per alto tradimento Costituzionale!
gay ideologia GENDER OBAMA lurido Sodoma a tutti, voi avete profanato la Santità di Dio, voi avete profanato il suo Tempio Santo ] voi siete in malafede! [ io sono come Putin, io non andrei mai a fare del male ad un gay, che lavora, e che si sta a casa sua! ANZI IO FACCIO DEL MALE A CHI OSA FARE DEL MALE A LUI, oppure a chi lo insulta! voi siete in mala fede

youtube 666 google ] come mai io non trovo più nessun Rothschild truffa SpA, alto tradimento di Obama, 322 Kerry, che lui voglia parlare con me? [ nchdemonio ] gay gender ideologia 666: mi hanno bloccato la tastiera in windows10. Questi gay sono diventati troppo potenti nel NWO dei satanisti Spa Farisei usurai, e loro complici
youtube ideologia gender ] [ gay mi hanno bloccato la tastiera nuovamente, ripetutamente, oggi mi impediscono di scrivere!

mi hanno bloccato la tastiera in windows10

youtube 666 google ] come mai io non trovo più nessun Rothschild truffa SpA, alto tradimento di Obama, 322 Kerry, che lui voglia parlare con me?  [ nchdemonio ] gay gender ideologia 666: mi hanno bloccato la tastiera in windows10. Questi gay sono diventati troppo potenti nel NWO dei satanisti Spa Farisei usurai, e loro complici

my JHWH ] e questo è vero: 1. gay non hanno figli di cui poter avere pietà; 2. islamici sharia imperialismo sono sicuri che il loro demonio dio Allah, ucciderà soltanto i figli degli altri!

luride SpA troie troika i creditori ladri, sistema massonico bildenberg ] [ in effetti, se, voi non avete più un cuore su cui poter mettere la mano, almeno vi potete infilare un dito nel buco del culo GENDER Obama sodoma, per riuscire ad avere compassione di voi stessi e di tutto il genere umano!

Yitzchak Kaduri, scritto anche Kadouri, Kadourie, Kedourie; "Yitzhak" Yitzhak, rinomato cabalista haredi, che dedicò la vita allo studio della Torah e alla preghiera a nome del popolo ebraico. Insegnò e praticò i kavanot del mistico Shalom Sharabi ] non so ,che cosa lui va dicendo di me nel Regno di Dio, perché, nel Regno di Dio tutti pregano per me, ed io lo vidi, prima di entrare in youtube 7 anni fa! [ anche i sacerdoti di satana, che sono per lo più atei e niente affatto maniaci religiosi come gli islamici, stanno lavorando per me! Perché TUTTI VOI PRIMA VEDRETE MORIRE I VOSTRI FIGLI E POI, VEDRETE MORIRE VOI stessi, ed i vivi, invidieranno i morti, perché non c'è nessuno che ha fatto esperienza di una rivoluzione civile mondiale, in cui vengono sgozzati tutti i complici dei massoni, e tutti i complici delle Banche, nel mentre si combatte una guerra mondiale nucleare!

SAUDI KING ] c'è una nobiltà regale nel mio animo, che mi impedisce di continuare a fare la ironia sul  tuo demonio Allah, che non è il mio Santo Allah.. non fa niente se tu rimani un assassino sharia.. io lascio a Dio il destino circa la tua sorte!
FALSO ALLARME: HO TROVATO GLI ARTICOLI DI IERI, MA, LA TASTIERA BLOCCATA SULLA PAGINA DI YOUTUBE, Più VOLTE, ripetutamente? NON MI ERA MAI ACCADUTO PRIMA [ questi sono i miei ultimi articoli di ieri, quelli che non riuscivo a trovare ] [ my holy JHWH ] il Signoraggio Bancario ha fatto dello STATO un mafioso legalizzato! mafioso, usuraio, parassita, nemico del popolo, aguzzino, fiancheggiatore, complice, ruffiano, massone, lenone, biscazziere: il NEMICO! un falsario arricchisce il suo Paese Nazione, se stampa una buona moneta, perché non è da comprare da Rothschild per il 200% del suo valore! QUINDI ANCHE UN FALSARIO è 1000 VOLTE MIGLIORE DI UNA STATO MASSONICO SENZA Sovranità MONETARIA!
my holy JHWH ] c'è chi conosce il crimine di signoraggio bancario, tuttavia, lui tace, perché per lui è conveniente, diventare, anche lui velocemente: un parassita, assassino e satanista!
where are you sister? https://www.youtube.com/user/MarlaMarleen/discussion UniusRei3
4 mesi fa where is MarlaMarleen now? satana CIA 322 NATO merkel troika 666 know!
molti uomini della religione sono maledetti, IPOCRITI, TOTALMENTE FALSI CIRCA LA GIUSTIZIA CHE è IN DIO! loro insegnano che, è sufficiente fare una elemosina, un sacrificio, un rito religioso di espiazione, oppure, che bisogna essere pentiti, del male che si è fatto OPPURE DI ESSERE PENTITI PER AVERE FATTO PARTE DI UN SISTEMA CULTURALE, IDEOLOGICO POLITICO O RELIGIOSO CHE HA FATTO DEL MALE A PERSONE INNOCENTI, per essere perdonati da Dio! NIENTE DI Più FALSO! Tu con LA SEMPLICE Complicità, Omertà, nel tuo sistema massonico, islamico, comunista, relativista, omosessuale, perversioni sessuali che ti ha dato dei redditi dei benefici sociali, potere successo, vantaggi, tu hai soffocato la verità, e tu hai soffocato la vita di tante persone innocenti, Perché TU SEI STATO UN COMPLICE IN TUTTO QUESTO! quindi soltanto il tuo martirio potrebbe salvare la tua vita dall'inferno! VITA PER VITA! MORTE PER MORTE!

il Signore Dio Onnipotente è il mio testimone, lui sa, che io ho fatto tutto quello che era in mio potere per benedire le vostre vite! E PER BENEDIRE LA VITA DI OGNI PECCATORE IN QUESTO MONDO DI IDOLATRIA, IPOCRISIA, FALSITà, INGIUSTIZIE, DEMONI DI PREDOMINIO, demoni di POTERE RELIGIONE, E DEMONI di SIGNORAGGIO BANCARIO!

come benedire le vostre vite [ Saudi King & Benjamin Netanyahu] se avete deciso di non dover morire in questa imminente terza guerra mondiale nucleare, questa è la mia decisione [ io Unius REI, io applico la legge marziale, e condanno a morte, tutti i farisei Illuminati, Fmi, SpA Rothschild e tutti i loro complici: nel sistema massonico, nel sistema politico, nel sistema amministrativo, nel sistema istituzionale, e nel sistema bancario, tutti condannati a morte per alto tradimento! Poiché lo scienziato Giacinto Auriti ha dimostrato che il costo del nostro denaro è pari a più del 200% del suo valore, quindi, questo significa che, tutta la contabilità delle Banche Centrali è una truffa assassina, un falso in bilancio, manipolabili sono le borse, i bilanci degli Stati, la economia, l’accaparramento di ogni monopolio, e tutte le funzioni strategiche per la sopravvivenza dei popoli! Quindi Farisei Illuminati, SpA Banca Mondiale, loro possono far sempre trovare debitrice una nazione ed imporgli rinunce democratiche, e costituzionali fondamentali fino a spingere i popoli al suicidio, alla disperazione ed alla guerra mondiale con il loro sistema massonico internazionale Bildenberg, ecc.. che, il giuramento nella massoneria annulla di fatto il giuramento dovuto alla costituzione e la fedeltà dovuta ai propri popoli!
come benedire le vostre vite [ Saudi King & Benjamin Netanyahu] tutto quello che io ho scritto in questi lunghi anni è legge per il REGNO di DIO vivente di Israele! INFATTI, io sono UNIUS REI, e i miei ministri angeli ( l'esercito del Signore )daranno attuazione a tutte le mie parole, perché tutto quello che io scrivo, pronuncio o penso? è legge per loro, dato che Dio comunica a loro i miei pensieri e le mie intenzioni! Ecco perché, io ho scritto centinaia di articoli anche ogni giorno, sempre strutturati, sia in benedizioni, che in maledizioni.. Pertanto, i miei sudditi, si sottometteranno alla mia legge, e crederanno nelle mie benedizioni per la loro sopravvivenza, mentre i miei nemici andranno incontro ad una rovina senza speranza! il Signore Dio Onnipotente è il mio testimone, lui sa, che io ho fatto tutto quello che era in mio potere per benedire le vostre vite!

ISIS sharia ha fatto il genocidio di interi paesi, e li ha ricolonizzato con musulmani sharia, provenienti da tutta la LEGA ARABA sharia, questo è il progetto turco sharia, e sharia saudita, di ricolonizzazione sharia della Siria e dello IRAQ, interi paesi sono stati interamente sostituiti, con altre persone! Perché tutte le persone che vivevano prima hanno subito il genocidio! ] [ questo è la civiltà della NATO dei satanisti massoni bildenberg SpA Rothschild .. sono tutte menzogne! il conflitto siriano ha fatto poco meno, di un milione di morti! ] [ In Siria 240.000 morti dal 2011. E' questo il bilancio diffuso dall'ong Osservatorio nazionale per i diritti umani (Ondus). Sono compresi 12.000 bambini e ragazzi minorenni.

tutte menzogne! il conflitto siriano ha fatto poco meno, di un milione di morti! ] [ In Siria 240.000 morti dal 2011. E' questo il bilancio diffuso dall'ong Osservatorio nazionale per i diritti umani (Ondus). Sono compresi 12.000 bambini e ragazzi minorenni.

se, voi non riuscite a proteggervi da questa congiura: USA - Arabia Saudita, molto presto, tutti voi diventerete i cadaveri! Psalm 23 A psalm of David. 1. The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2.     He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3. he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths, for his name’s sake. 4. Even though I walk through the darkest valley,[a] I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil;     my cup overflows. 6. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

187AUDIOHOSTEM il sommo sacerdote di satana, colui che conosce i segreti del NWO ha detto chiaramente che la ARABIA SAUDITA ha il controllo della CIA!

187AUDIOHOSTEM il sommo sacerdote di satana, colui che conosce i segreti del NWO ha detto chiaramente che la Galassia jihadista è un complotto di: USA Arabia SAudita!

greatest of all crimes ] satanism talmud [ banking seigniorage: really satanism

[✙ ♥ ♔] [The greatest of all crimes?] Is going to vote, because every vote is the legitimate "system": is the consent to Satanism bank seigniorage. Democracy is a conspiracy! The IMF can not fall apart outside the 3WW that: must be nuclear for preserve mineral resources (oil) on the planet: you are all already dead! You copied all the comments of my 3 channels they want to delete? [✙ ♥ ♔] [the biggest secret? faith Mt 8,12] it is the prize of itself. Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims believe in Eden and it exists in the 4th dimension. But, to the throne of God there are other 6 dimensions of paradise. This is the faith: "everyone will believe what you will, consistent with what is revealed in the Bible. It looks like a book, but it is the" Word ": Living God's Bible was not written to be understood. Its real meaning is accessible only to the Church. Mt.7,14

[✙ ♥ ♔] [Il più grande di tutti i crimini?] è andare a votare: perché ogni voto è una legittimazione del "sistema": è il consenso al satanismo del signoraggio bancario. Tutta la democrazia è una congiura! Il FMI, non può crollare: al di fuori della 3WW che: dovrà essere nucleare per preservare le risorse minerarie(idrocarburi) del pianeta: voi siete già tutti morti! Voi ricopiate tutti i commenti: dei miei 3 canali che vogliono cancellare. [✙ ♥ ♔] [il più grande segreto della fede] essa è il premio di se stessa. Testimoni di Geova e Musulmani credono nel Paradiso terrestre e lo avranno: perché esso esiste in 4° dimensione. Ma, fino al trono di Dio ci sono altre 6 dimensioni di paradiso. Ecco la fede: "ognuno avrà quello che avrà creduto, compatibilmente con quello che è rivelato nella Bibbia. Sembra un libro , ma è il "Verbo": vivente di Dio. La Bibbia è stata scritta per non essere capita. Il suo vero significato è accessibile solo alla Chiesa.

Synnek1 [ lui era ancora il direttore di youtube ] Dear FAGGOT: Read your Quran . SI IO HO TROVATO ALCUNI BRANI DELLA TORà CHE SONO STATI CORROTTI DAI FARISEI GENEALOGIA. ma Corano anche il talmud è il frutto della malvagità ed ipocrisia umana.. sono opere di idolatria!

google NWO CIA ] [ come è questa storia brutta, che io ho fatto tutto quello che mi ha detto di fare analytics e adsense, e con 110 blog, voi non mi date ancora un centesimo? .. io non sono come Rothschild che per lui il sangue di 10 Pianeti non è mai sufficiente.. infatti, io vi farò fucilare, insieme a lui, per alto tradimento!
google NWO CIA ] [ perché farsi prendere dal panico in questo modo? calma! [ se, poi, non è vero che voi siete i traditori? POI, VOI NON AVETE NESSUN TIMORE DI poter FARE QUELLA MORTE INFAMANTE!
my Israel ] se, i miei ministri angeli non andassero in giro, per tutto il mondo, a punire i miei nemici? chi mi starebbe ad ascoltare? e che c'è qualcosa di strano in me, tutti dovrebbero comprenderlo, il peso psicologico e spirituale, la sofferenza delle creature innocenti oppresse, la malvagità demoniaca di farisei e salafiti, che il mio essere sopporta? nessun essere umano potrebbe sopportarlo! ma, tranne questa considerazione indiretta? nulla di soprannaturale esiste nella mia vita! INFATTI IO SCELTO DI ESSERE UN POLITICO RAZIONALE: IL RE DI ISRAELE
sono queste le notizie felici per il mio migliore amico King Saudi Arabia sharia ONU ] [ Un camion-bomba nel mercato centrale di Baghdad ha provocato la morte di 76 persone e il ferimento di altre 200. Lo rendono noto funzionari iracheni.
BUON PER LUI .. MA, FINIRà ALL'INFERNO UGUALMENTE PER NON AVERE PARLATO DEL SIGNORAGGIO BANCARIO! sono tutti questi digiuni da fachiro, che lo hanno salvato, FORSE, dal non finire in carcere come un pedofilo! INFATTI LE SOFFERENZE INIBISCONO GLI IMPULSI SESSUALI [ Pannella rompe lo sciopero della sete ] Accoglie invito Mattarella di fronte a telecamere Sky Tg24
MA, GLI ILLUMINATI NON ERANO IMMUNI DALLE MIE MALEDIZIONI? SI VEDE CHE, IL DIO GUFO 322 Marduk BAAL JABULLON al Bohemian grove ha preso il raffreddore! ] Il presidente americano Barack Obama ha chiamato l'ex presidente Jimmy Carter e gli ha augurato una ''pronta e completa guarigione. L'America fa il tifo per te''. ''I nostri pensieri e le nostre preghiere sono per te e per la tua famiglia''. Carter, 90 anni e 39mo presidente americano, ha annunciato di avere il cancro in piu' parti del corpo, si sottoporra' ai trattamenti necessari.


[on the most important page in the world!]]
@ to all governments and: to all the Masons - 1. because you have not said what: you know: with Francesco Cossiga: and with all the secret service? about "September 11 has been done: by the CIA and by MOSSAD: for preparing: the invasion of Iraq." 2. because: you have sold the monetary sovereignty (banking seigniorage) of the your people: at the satanist jews Rothschild and his IMF of enlightened? -you will do a bloodbath! I am: Unius REI against you: for to protect all whole human race before the Court of God, and before the trial of the story against you: I accuse you of: genocide, and high: Treason against the Constitution! Yes! I accuse you all!
Allahuakbar [Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass!"Of all Muslims? You were been the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, that is dirty work, that Muhammad said to do to you! Now, those guys of the Copts? they are not guilty, if you're gay, and if they have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse: violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take:to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: immediately and forever! or: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists Jews of enlightened IMF_NWO? they do not fail! Allahuakbar: also, You speak of the Christian martyrs?
@ YourtubeTerminated: the Satanist mistafield: ie: the employee of the CIA-MOSSAD? He Is A Traitor to His people, like every other Satanist! Traitor with enlightened: its monetary Sovereignty: stolen from the all peoples: that is, the accomplice of the Banks of enlightened Jews lobby: of NetWork: 666 Rothschilds: the seigniorage banking: ie, the criminal 11-09: Bush and His 322 as New World Order? h Defends now, Also, the killers of Muslim sharia law! .. Because: there is only one truth! Satan is: one big family! In fact, the beasts are Killed Among Them, but then are Part: One of only jungle! I as a Christian? I am happy to live: for faith in the Kingdom of God and not to be: with my heart in this: the world of shit: of: Satanists masonry and Share! You have Christ Betrayed? Keep up this hour: 3 ° nuclear WW: In your asssssss!
@ tanakadesuyo48 - Jewish bankers are they against all the peoples! we are puppets in their hands: is through: bank seigniorage: they have the NWO
@Iraqikurd4ever-- Rothschild and Bush: pretend to be Christians or jew, but one is 666, while the other: it is 322! the world is already: in the hands of Satanists! you: all the Muslims? you you're having too much: fun: in Iraq against innocent Christians, as if they were guilty of something? then would not: have to be passed: of the 1,200,000 to only 200,000 survivors: only you are all full of the Satanism of Muhammad!
[[he blocked me]] @ Iraqikurd4ever - .. Come out: Coward! excrement of a Muslim that: is the child of the relationship monstrous Between Mohammed and the devil! Do not hide: yourself behind your computer! evil coward of a Muslim: the servant of the Donkey Muhammad criminal: the full of demons! In fact, you can not be a servant of Allah! how can you ask for your compassion for people? If you do not know to have compassion for other people? How, think you have the freedom to be a Muslim, though: then you choke the freedom to to Christian, That Can not Be So? Hell is the place of Muslims criminals like you!
@ sonofpikaia - no! has never existed Precambrian time. for the calculation of the ages? the traitors have only: 2 values on seven: so arbitrarily are been equate to zero: the missing values ​​.. because all the fossils are only found in sedimentary rocks? Then, all the fossils are of: about 3000 years because the water: of the "Flood: Universal!" has washed away part of the material radioattivo: thus, the whole system of evolution? is a gigantic hoax! is in fact the Crime ideological of Bankers Jews: enlightened: why they are anti Christian because: they are the synagogue of Satan

@at 40%: of all the good men of the human race, of every people and every religion -- true: men criminals, who are abominable? they are 60%​​: that is, all those who are predestined to go to hell. but they do not have the anointing, that is the benevolence of God, and not have the protection of their Unius Rei .. are only dust all them, who were destined to die in this war: "However, in every way: thou shalt not be afraid because God is in control!"


thecopticmartyrs2 (34 minuti fa)
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[Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass!"Of all Muslims? You were been the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, that is dirty work, that Muhammad said to do to you! Now, those guys of the Copts? they are not guilty, if you're gay, and if they have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse: violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take:to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: immediately and forever! or: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists Jews of enlightened IMF_NWO? they do not fail!

@ ilovetheJewsGreatly -> seems to be no kingdom, without bloodshed
however, should never be: so, since men should love spontaneously the virtue,
their instinct for survival? should keep them away from sin!
but it is time to express my royalty, through the violence because it is right to do violence to liberate all the peoples of the world who are oppressed and prisoners of selfish people, that live as parasites, and predators behind them: ie zionists enlightened, racist, comunist, capitalist, sharia, satanists, freemasonry, ecc.. all occult power of banking seigniorage: IMF-NWO

UniusRei3 (3 minuti fa)
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@ilovetheJewsGreatly --> sembra che nessun Regno venga , spargimento di sangue
tuttavia, non dovrebbe essere mai: così, poiché gli uomini dovrebbero amare spontaneamente la virtù,
il loro istinto di sopravvivenza? dovrebbe tenerli lontano dal peccato!
ma, è giunto il momento di manifestare la mia regalità, attraverso, la violenza: poiché, è giusto fare violenza: per liberare tutti i popoli del mondo, che, sono oppressi e prigionieri: di persone egoiste, che vivono come parassiti, e predatori alle loro spalle

UniusRei3 (8 minuti fa)
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@ilovetheJewsGreatly --> do not be fooled: is not a form of prayer: it is not a spell? there is no specific procedure or ritual to kill the criminals .. I am a king: and the whole planet is my kingdom, the angels will carry out my will: is: an aggressive form of faith: only! It can also be seen: in Psalm 110, "says the Lord unto my Lord," is how David called me: Unius Rei: "My Lord!"
non ti lasciare ingannare: da una forma di preghiera: poiché non è una magia? non esiste una procedura o un rito specifici, per uccidere i criminali.. io sono un Re: e tutto il pianeta: è il mio regno: gli angeli eseguiranno il mio volere: è quindi: una forma di fede aggressiva!! essa è anche testimoniata: nel salmo 110 "oracolo del Signore al mio Signore": è così che Davide chiama me: Unius Rei: "mio Signore!"

UniusRei3 (18 minuti fa)
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Commento al tuo video: 49 Zionist Racist enlightened satanist vs David Duke Jews lorenzojhwh Unius Rei
ilovetheJewsGreatly said: @UniusRei3 Now I don't see the obviousness of a NWO occult of evil. How did you come to that conclusion? So you support Assad shooting at unarmed demonstrators. You know shooting to kill. -- ANSWER--> I never wanted to achieve: to this point, but: if you come on the page of youtube / youtube? You can see how I kill: in a supernatural way: my enemies: in all world: ie enemies of universal brotherhood: occult power: of IMF-NWO, and accomplices : of banking seigniorage: in Jesu's name!
@ YHWH - China is like the wolf that changed his skin, but no vice! Marxism and capitalism? are the two sides of the star smash six point's Rothschild: of the synagogue Satan! one only secret Government(NWO-IMF) exists for China, as, which for the U.S.:
@ Mistafield:

zacherymccann said: i totally agree. i beleive that the jews in general have tanked the world economy and started loads of conflict. almost of of the fed researve chairmans have all been jews. jews funed the holacasut. jews are doing a holacaust on palistine and gaza strip.

@ Enlightened Jews-banking ->
I do not will remember more: of the sins of my allies!
I do not remember more: for love of my friends: of their sins of the past!
you come from your King: Unius Rei: for the redemption of your life!

@ Enlightened Jews-banking -> when the people begin to die? you will be executed: slain: in fact, you deserve to die! but if you come to me now? also part of your wealth, can be stored together with your damn lives! Truly you have a few days for this!

@Jews-enlightened banking --> as you can sell at to interest (debt: public) money which you have created from nothing (seigniorage banking: with theft of transfer against peoples)? You Banca Popolare di Bari, etc. .. etc. .. What, you can collect an interest of the loan if the money you gave them invented out of thin air? You one day not too far away? you will end up before a firing squad!

@Mistafield: IzlamicCat-> what: Unius Rei must do? ie, that it is right to do? He will do it: of course! No one can "buy" positions of privilege, because in this way, the poor will always be condemned, to be poor .. I will provide all, for the good of all, according to the integrity of my conscience, I will help by Satanists? they may live: and their crimes will be forgiven: but: no organization of Satanists:or Freemasons, can will survive in my kingdom

@Mistafield(hypocritical): or: IzlamicCat(racism) -> I remember as a year ago you said to me that you hate blacks, etc. .. so is Satan, full of hatred and racism. Yesterday you showed us your sexual perversions: you like being urinated by women and mess with their droppings, etc. .. You see? you are in a bad boy! Why satanism is big bad!

@ Mistafield: ie IzlamicCat -> there is nothing you can do to continue to keep your Satanism! I do not need to be helped by you: for become Unius Rei
because I am already UniusRei: so if people (Jews, Masons, etc. ..) want to live or die? this is not my problem!

@Jews ->

@Jews -> perhaps I am not believed .. but, this is the truth .. I do not care who has the power or form of Government or religion of the people. I believe that the rich are a great gift of God, if the poor are not desperate: and suffocated, by a debt artificial, that the Jews have invented: by: their: bank seigniorage: for to bring all peoples to destruction.

forse, io non sono creduto.. ma, è proprio questa la verità.. a me, non interessa chi, ha il potere o la forma di Governo o la religione delle persone. Io credo, che, i ricchi sono un grande dono di Dio, se i poveri non sono disperati: e soffocati, da un debito artificiale che gli ebrei hanno inventato: attraverso: il signoraggio bancario: per portare allo sterminio tutti i popoli.

☠ 1. "When the wicked are around the country?"
☠ ie: -> Freemasons, Zionists, Sharia, mafia, satanists, murderers, thieves, liars, perverts, racistetc. ..
☠ 2. "Emerge the worst between all the men"
☠ ie: -> leaders, elites, governments, judges, occult power, seigniorage banking, corporations, lobbying
against all these damned: the children of the devil? and against all those who have done violence to a person innocent in the whole planet?
is enacted in the name of Jesus of Bethlehem who is Christ the Lord and the Messiah: ✞:
✞ misfortune 1. against their home, 2. against their own children; 3. against his life:
☠ no one will say: "there is no God!" But in torment you'll have to say: "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord": "Amen," said the Holy Spirit: "Alleluia" said Church
UniusRei3 (1 secondo fa)
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R: Because the Gospel is the most revolutionary act we can do!

MrlmmondoProfondo SAID: I understand what you mean, and how you feel.
The categories of people you mentioned are malvagie.Hanno, and even now, are exploiting the planet.
They plagiarized and distorted the very essence of religion, turning it into hatred.
Rothschild-> honestly? I do not believe that: My Faith May Be Life, or Something That Satan can do for you .. Because it is Satan Himself, that: he's desperate to very very large: His very pain Because: he has no one, who can help HIM, for to rescue him: from my hands! Therefore: That anything can be done with you? it will be done, However: even Against You! anything: that has to be done? it will be done: in the name of Jesus! Amen, hallelujah. One last thing about this 3 rd WWnuclear: Where You Want to destroy all mankind? "All Those Who: go down in the shelters? Will buried: for to die like rats: for earthquakes: that: God will raise up" and All Those of you who do not die, Smothered like rats? That is the traitors: like you? They will all be Executed: As Soon As They need to go out to the surface!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ RothschildEnlightened -> yet? the understanding of faith was Supposed to Protect: all of you from Evil: A Few verse, That Are Been corrupt: of the Torah! but this is the truth: "You are the sons of the devil." is clear: as the power: and Wealth: Stimulate your intelligence, "that is, the instinct of the master." while Deprived of every resource to us: our abandoned to do it: by our Governments of death: of masonry of traitors, Deprived, Any of our Sovereignty, and Any Other Monetary Sovereignty, as the right: at the truth of the story: etc.. .. "remains with us: only: the instinct of the slave." for then, idolize yourself, Saying about: an American Jewish superiority: of Their gene! While you are cursed: only predators of every resource: of the human race!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ RothschildShitEnlightened -> Therefore, you and only you: you are the curse of Israel: Because Of You and All That the people: of the Jews has Had to endure: Because: the rich can not pay, the serenity: of a clear Conscience: that confidence in the Rests: of His God! Not just you, you are the curse: the of my people Israel: but, You Are Also The greatest curse, in all the Entire histories: of the mankind: Because, You Always Have Been: Your The Inspiration: Any of the funders of totalitarianism: Any and masonry: Any and perversion: evolutionism, etc. .. since all you do anti-Christian: in the mode of an anti-Christian well. well for anti-Christian: halo! When it is natural: for Jews and Christians: of to have a feeling of mutual love and RESPECT

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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Rothschild @ @> this world, That You have made​​: and shaped by more than 600 years through the banking seigniorage, That Is Been transfers your Satanism: SpA corporations? is your own image: and likeness of what, you are in yourself: You are an abomination: for God and for me!
Instead ... and? You have Brought Shame on the "Holy: Holy: Holy," you have defiled the purity of His thoughts and feelings of love and justice: and have made ​​yourself the examination of cultures of Marduk: All This and All That Satanism .. of: Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, etc.. .. etc.. .. is there for all to see! Is The Economic interest: and love: for power That led you to Become: the Satanists of bank seigniorage!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@-Rothschild and instead ...? 1. the heart and mind! 2. all the whole context of the Torah? you not should doing: or think dishonestly of the Lord God: of Abramo Isaac and Jacob, "because no one: better of you may know: as: is terrible to fall into the hands of the Living God!" -like, just you and your fathers: how could you: Hold perverse verses of the Torah: and continue your perversion through: the Talmud and the Cabala: To become: really: the synagogue of Satan .. and then, you will be surprised if God does not speak with you? Rather we must say: "because: God has not destroyed all you: yet?" is clear: God wanted to punish: the world through you!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@-Rothschild --> I am not a revolutionary, in fact, I do not break down the New World Order, but I will take: control of the New World Order and the IMF, legally! and I'm not a hypocrite: as you, and all Jews, for to destroy: a Muslim country at a time, leads to exasperation: Fundamentalism and at: all Muslims then, and make Necessary or make inevitable: the determination to exterminate Them All in This Together 3 ° WWnuclear. But at the Same Time, I will not let this curse Muslim, to the future generations: this: I has swore to God YHWH, except that: it's right for to know, at person who: is about to die: that is, the His real reason death!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ Rothschild. - IF SUCH A DISASTER: of "blasphemy", and "apostasy" against the holiness of God was committed by the priests: of the Temple of Jerusalem: when: they assembled the Torah: putting together: the sources: javiste, eloiste, deuteromiste? which have could "boiata" the businesses: of Muhammad? he, who has do to drive: himself, by his spirit guide: to make esoteric work, and to collect, all the apocryphal: gospels: in the Quran: that :the Church has rejected? Here, because Muslims: are forced to kill: the Christians and the Jews. because contrary: if they are not ignorant as donkeys and not are horned, like demons? Then, their blasphemous and satanic religion: will falls: and with it: even:falls their imperialist plans to conquer the world!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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-but, also an idiot could understand: that God can not start: an work personally with: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, all the prophets, Jesus, etc. .. and: to do finish his work: an angel who: has sodomized a man totally ignorant raw murderess: selfish, lustful, predatory like Muhammad. why, This is not behavior: worthy of the wisdom of God!
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@ Rothschild - in fact, if we use, common sense, That Is The Intelligence (Which is the first place, In Which God the Creator and Reveals Himself to His precious creatures), then, we see Clearly, through the analysis, and the comparative critical: like some: of the concepts: the Torah and the Koran, are Completely out Of context, The Message That God wants: to give to the world through Them: brotherhood, justice, mercy, compassion and equality: who are : the emulation: That of What God is! if someone, does not want to think That God is a schizophrenic! -but, Also an idiot: could Understand: that God can not start: an Personally work with Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, all the prophets, Jesus, etc.. .. and: to do His work finish: an angel who: has Sodomized in as: totally ignorant, raw murderess: selfish, lustful, predatory like Muhammad. why, This is not behavior, worthy of the wisdom of God!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ Rothschild - I know, how things have gone really, "the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem when: they assembled the various: fragments of the Torah? They do not have: an insight on them: how did the Catholic Church: about the apocryphal Gospels. "-with, this shit of Noah, who, you justify the seigniorage banking: for to bring to destruction, all peoples! Ok! Cam has done an abomination (sodomizing his father, and laugh at him publicly), and this justified, his curse: only! Because, when a man is despicable: and evil selfish? he does not care, then much: of his successors: Because, who loves his successors? those things: sex pervert, etc. .. He does not do it!

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ Rothschild - the true Torah or the Quran true? The decalogue of Moses, which is the natural law? "Do good and avoid evil"? were written by God in every human heart! - therefore, Noah did not have the power to curse, all the his sons to "Cam" for the offense, that, he received: so as to make: all of them for ever, the slaves of "Shem", and: "Japheth" (no fault in him), with all his sons: the courtiers: forever for "Shem" anyway. So Noah would have made forever, slaves the Hamites: Muslims, blacks, etc. .. and made forever servants all European Christians of Jews! but this is out of context: of the Word of God and of the Nature: of God :that :is infinite justice and perfection.

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ Rothschild - as God has served himself, of one only man (LOL. stammering): to break down, the most powerful dynasty: in history(not occult like you): Moses? So will lorenzojhwh, our days, the King of Palestine and Israel Unius Rei: I have faith: to do this: hallelujah in Jesus's name!.. honestly, I do not know if it works or how it works. but I ask the Holy Spirit: to kill people: Satanists, Zionists, Sharia, Masons, etc. .. Obviously, everybody racists, criminals, murderers, so I'm forming: a faith aggressive, but the world od the faith has a legal: component of faith: and that is why, that I need to be Unius Rei: for to have precisely: one jurisdiction: on my victims: in reality, they are: the executioners: of the innocent people: and the innocent peoples

EvolutionisReligion (10 ore fa)
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@ Rothschild -> there is in God, the will to harm people. is evident, that the Torah has been corrupted by the priests: of the Temple, at the time of its composition! How you can think of, something: evil in God, perhaps, that in this way, you can hope for his mercy? is clear, you're like, a Muslim: who does not know God: and that, with its holy book curse: he kills the Christian, he belief: that: frequent worship God: in this mode! Zionists, ILLUMINATI AND BANKING seigniorage? have nothing in common: with: the hope of Israel, or the calling: of Abraham, in fact, Abraham is the father of all peoples, while you're exterminators of all people!